Legit Businesses Labelled as Scams

531966540Over the years there have been businesses that got labelled as scams by online forums and discussions. Some of these lead to public research and awareness of fraudulent schemes. On the business side it gave way for them to improve how they set expectations to their customers. Here are some of the businesses that has received the “Scam” backlash on line.

XLibris Publishing

Xlibris is a legitimate business operating under the Penguin Group of companies. It is a self-publishing platform that allows independent authors to publish and share their work. Since it is self-publishing the authors will need to pay an investment amount to put the book together. In simpler terms they sell publishing packages to authors who are just starting.  Xlibris is not a scam but a lot of authors labelled it as scams because they were unable to get a return for their investment which is mostly the case for independently published books lacking a solid marketing plan.


Many independent sellers find a hub for their online store in EBay. A lot of people have had issues with defective products being received or items not being received at all. Complaints advising that the product receive did not match the product description gave EBay a bad name in the business industry. EBay by all means is a legally operating business. To repair their reputation the addition of features such as Buyer Protection programs and increased availability of 24 by 7 customer support were employed.

Qbits Mega Profit System

The recent years has facilitated growth among binary trading platforms and software and among the well known players in the game is Qbits. Though its fame is not mostly inclined on the positive side its role in the trade is worthy of discussion. The binary trading system can help you grow your investment in a short amount of time but the risks of losing it is also high. It is important to understand that binary trading will require you to have solid trading techniques to succeed. To learn this techniques take advantage of a demo software at http://top10binarydemo.com/. The software is a safe environment for you to practice your trading skills without the risk of losing your investment.


Many people have successful careers online. Many are writers, graphic designers and digital artists. For those who are just starting out they tend to set their expectations higher and when these expectations are not met, inaccurate testimonies and rating surface online. This is the case that occurred in ODesk, an online platform for a variety of online jobs. ODesk will require free lancers to build their careers and portfolio so they can land a job or a gig. Some people did not understand or cannot figure out the way to achieve this so the poor outcomes were blamed on the platform developer.

The media and public discussion can sometimes mislabel businesses with names that they are not. This is common because you can never control public outrage for unmet expectations. Some of these rantings are true and some are not so it is important that you filter these information well so you end up with the right choice.